Fall assessments

This week I did a reading check-in with the animal/preposition book we had been reading together in class. It was really informative to see which students were using the pictures as cues, which were singing the preposition song to see what words were, and which were mixing up sight words (such as "le" and "la"). All in all, they did a great job! 

We also did a quick reading check in with our fall words. They read the word and drew a picture to match! 

We practiced our listening skills this week too! I told them different things to draw and they drew what they understood! I took anecdotal notes as they did this. Very helpful to see which things they are getting stuck on (e.g. sur vs. sous) and which they have mastered (all our fall vocabulary)!

They had so much fun with this that we started doing the same thing with our new winter words. I used my winter flashcards as I said each word and had them repeat it before they drew it. 

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