Science - grade 1 seasonal changes

While finishing up our living things unit, we have also taken up our seasonal changes unit again to learn about winter. 

After brainstorming what we know, sorting some pictures, and reading some books, we summarized how people, animals, the weather, and plants change in the winter.

Here are some of the pictures we used to talk about the seasons:

And some pictures of the work my students did to identify winter changes:

Then we compared winter and fall using a venn diagram. We also used this activity to practice our French sentences (je vois, je porte, je fais, il y a). It was really exciting to hear them share their work in French and to see what they were able to write. 

We are also still working on French winter words during daily 5. They have really improved their French reading recently! 

If you have this Science unit, I'd love your feedback on it! Feel free to email me if there is something you think is missing. I'd be happy to add it!!

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