Dans ma salle de classe...

In grade 1, we have been learning about classroom objects. 

I read this book to them:

After having read it to them many times over the past few weeks, they are familiar with the pattern in the book. When I read it, I have them count the objects with me, and also repeat the object after me: "Dans ma salle de classe il y a 6 livres. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 livres". 

When I pulled small groups during these past few weeks, I practiced the classroom vocabulary with them using different games. Here is "bug in a rug": 

Then we started making up our own sentences to match the pattern in the book. I write "il y a", and then ask "combien?" and a student tells me a number. Then a second student tells me an object, and we read the whole sentence together as a class. 

After having done it together as a class a few times, I gave them their own mini white boards and they drew the sentences at the same time, using my whiteboard as a model.

Then I sent them back to their desks and they wrote the sentences on their desks. After writing/drawing them, we took a minute and a few students shared their sentences with the class. 

Once we had practiced that for a few days and they had the hang of it, we added colours! 

When we do Daily 5 centres, they are playing different centre games to reinforce the vocabulary for classroom objects (Bang, matching, bug in a rug, dominoes, sentence making). 

Next week my students will be making their own versions of the books, showing me what they have learned with numbers and classroom objects vocabulary. If they are able to, they can also extend it to add colours! 

Note: If their desks have dirt/food/residue on them, then the dry erase markers will leave some colour on the desks. I use a spray bottle with dish soap and water, spray and let it sit for a minute. It will wipe right off with paper towel! 

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